1. Strategic Goals


The Tennessee Governor has five priorities: education and workforce development, iobs and rural economic development, transparent and efficient government, Healthier Tennessee, and public safety and criminal justice reform. Specific metrics tied to the success of each priority area are publicly displayed on Transparent TN. The Governor’s five priorities set the foundation for each cabinet-level department to create their strategic plans, which will drive department operations through December 2023. In addition, through Tennessee’s Office of Customer Focused Government (CFG), statewide and agency goals are aligned in a deliberative operational planning process. CFG plans serve as the operational plans tracking key customer service areas and operations for each department. Each department’s operational goals and subsequent performance measures must focus on key service offerings (customer-facing services); budget, finance, and accounting; human capital and talent management; technology systems and equipment; and legal, audit, and risk management.

Issue Areas: Economic Mobility, Education, Workforce