1. Strategic Goals


The Utah Governor and Lieutenant Governor released a plan for the new administration’s first 500 days, the One Utah Roadmap. The Roadmap includes dozens of action items within six strategic priorities: economic advancement, education innovation and investment, rural matters, health security, equality and opportunity, and streamlining and modernizing state government. As a dynamic plan, it is regularly assessed and refreshed as committees assigned to each strategic priority report to the governor on their progress. The 250-day update divides action items by those overseen by the Governor and those now overseen by agencies. The public may sign up for the governor’s #OneUtah Weekly Update email newsletters. Quantitative data related to goals on the One Utah Roadmap are tracked and will be published using a new tool managed by the state Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) in the Governor’s Office.

Issue Areas: COVID-19, Economic Mobility, Equity, Health, Workforce