1. Strategic Goals


A 2013 Washington State Executive Order established Results Washington to strengthen performance management and continuous improvement throughout Washington State government. At that time, the Washington State Governor’s Office issued five overarching goal areas with aligned outcome measures: world-class education; prosperous economy; sustainable energy and clean environment; healthy and safe communities; and effective, efficient, and accountable government. Results Washington (Results WA) is responsible for developing a system of work that supports these five goal areas as well as ongoing state initiatives.

In 2021, Results WA began a significant strategic planning effort to develop an updated approach integrating continuous improvement (including Lean) and performance management. The goal is a feasible, attainable, and sustainable approach that is guided by feedback gathered from agency partners. Iterative implementation is set to begin in January 2022. The five goal areas will remain the same, but how they are defined for the future and operationalized will be updated as a part of this planning process.

Issue Areas: Economic Mobility, Education, Health, Workforce