13. Results-Focused Budget Process


The Illinois Budgeting for Results (BFR) Commission is the state’s performance-based budgeting initiative. The commission’s annual report summarizes the state’s performance improvement efforts across seven statewide results areas (p. 9): education, economic development, public safety, human services, healthcare, environment and culture, and government services. In 2021, BFR reported that it had transferred The Pew Results First cost-benefit model to the BFR unit to assume day-to-day operation and use. Additionally, BFR, in partnership with the state legislature, effectively repealed Blighted Areas Redevelopment Act of 1947, an outdated, discriminatory mandate housing policy. According to BFR, “the repeal of this Act redresses historical injustices in the use of state eminent domain authorities to remove affordable housing in predominantly African-American neighborhoods without commensurate affordable housing to replace the demolished dwellings.” The Commission also recommended updating program evaluation methods, integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion analysis into the unit’s work in 2022 among other evidence-building activities supported by the Commission.

Issue Areas: Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, Economic Mobility, Education, Equity, Health, Workforce