16. Repurpose for Results

North Carolina

Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils (JCPC) exist in all 100 North Carolina counties in order to direct funding to programs that address the localized risks and needs identified for youth in that community. Reviews of program outcomes and performance (including successful completion of programming) include program monitoring, standardized program evaluation protocol, quality of service scoring through comprehensive review of data and program practices, and quarterly reporting. Egregious issues are addressed with corrective requests (including Program Enhancement Plans) or funding cessation. Trends and non-performance are addressed by informing the JCPC so that they may better be able to make use of state funding by allocating funds to other programming sources. The section is moving toward performance-based contracts for state-contracted services.

Program evaluations at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction provide evidence of the programs’ successes and areas for growth. The programs that continue beyond the initial phase are amended based on the results of the evaluation.

Issue Areas: Criminal Justice, Economic Mobility, Education