2. Performance Management


The governor established the framework for statewide performance management through the implementation of the Arizona Management System (AMS). At the executive level, the Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) and the Government Transformation Office (GTO) collaborate in overseeing strategic planning, performance data management, and process improvement through structured problem-solving. GTO has a full-time staff of leaders in the development and sustainment of continuous improvement and innovation, emphasizing service excellence and process efficiency. Each cabinet agency has established an Office of Continuous Improvement (OCI) to assist in implementing and sustaining AMS.

Cabinet agency executive leadership teams conduct monthly business reviews, at which they discuss the performance of their scorecard metrics against targets established on their scorecards. Agencies that are more mature in their adoption and deployment of AMS will also include progress on their strategic plan and budget status. As part of AMS, agency staff receive training in problem-solving techniques that they apply to underperforming metrics or initiatives. AMS standard work, tools, and training materials are provided at AMS/Resources.

In addition, Arizona has established Communities of Practice (COPs) for agency strategic planners and AMS practitioners throughout the state. These COPs enhance communication, accelerate learning, identify best practices, solve common problems, and develop standard work and resources across state agencies.

Issue Areas: Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, Economic Mobility, Education, Health, Workforce