2. Performance Management

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Health COVID-19 Response Unit Quant Team provides weekly presentations to the Governor’s Office on the “State of the Spread,” pulling together key indicators and insights for decision-making. The weekly meetings address the most recent data available – in many cases, data that have accrued the day of the meeting – to ensure that the Governor’s Office has the most current information based on the situation “on the ground.” Data includes testing, cases, hospitalization, fatality, and vaccination trends disaggregated by various geographies and demographics of interest, as well as predictive modeling outputs from partners at Brown University.

The Executive Office of Health and Human Service (EOHHS) applies the PULSE framework – Performance, Utilization, Leadership Support, and Execution – to manage and improve performance of the programs and agencies within the secretariat. EOHHS delivers on the Governor’s and secretariat’s strategic priorities through a project management approach focused on outcomes and collaboration. The framework is largely driven by the need to assess and define project-specific goals and success measures, in partnership with the departments, for secretariat review. PULSE includes:

  • Problem diagnosis and strategic planning;
  • Project management;
  • Resource strategy and active resource management; and
  • Performance and program evaluation.
Issue Areas: COVID-19, Equity, Health