2. Performance Management


A 2021 Utah law requires agencies to set at least one performance measure for passed and approved budget requests of more than $10,000. These performance measures are reported to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (GOPB) and to the Office of Legislative Fiscal Analyst (LFA). Annually, agencies are required to report performance measures identified in the appropriations bills prior to October 1 to support preparation for the next budget cycle. Data pertaining to these performance measures will be published on performance.utah.gov and cobi.utah.gov prior to the 2022 Utah Legislative General Session.

Additionally, the law facilitated the creation of the Efficiency and Process Improvement Committee (EPIC), a joint committee by the legislative and executive branches to oversee agency performance and efficiency. EPIC will be composed of representatives from the Department of Government Operations, two other state agencies, the Chief Innovation Officer, GOPB, and LFA. GOPB staff supporting this effort also include a Director of Operational Efficiencies and Performance Measures Manager on its Management and Special Projects team.

Issue Areas: Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, Economic Mobility, Education, Health, Workforce