2. Performance Management


Vermont measures progress toward the goals of its five-year strategic plan, established by a 2017 Vermont executive order, through dashboards that track progress on the economy, affordability, vulnerability, and modernization. As required by a 2014 law and a related executive order, the Office of the Chief Performance Officer (CPO) also publishes annual Programmatic Performance Measure Budget Reports aimed at integrating strategic planning, performance management, and budgeting. 

In 2017, Vermont’s Governor launched the Program to Improve Outcomes Together (PIVOT), in conjunction with the Governor’s Government Modernization and Efficiency team. PIVOT combines outcomes-based improvement and Lean process improvement into a unified effort. Vermont’s CPO oversees the implementation of the continuous improvement effort, which is aligned with strategic outcomes and indicators enacted by the state legislature. PIVOT aims to “move the needle” on indicators aligned with the state’s strategic plan.

Issue Areas: Child Welfare, Economic Mobility, Education, Health, Workforce