3. Culture


The Tennessee Governor’s 2020 and 2021 State of the State addresses highlighted the state’s evidence-based budgeting practices and data-driven decisions to improve results for residents. During the budget development process in 2019, the Governor’s Office provided a memo to the press introducing the state’s new evidence-based budgeting efforts. The Office of Evidence and Impact, which leads the state’s evidence-based budgeting practices, provides evidence-based budgeting trainings in preparation for new budgets. It also provides robust program inventory training so agencies learn about the benefits of measuring meaningful outcomes and using evidence to support and improve programs.

The Tennessee Employee Suggestion Award Program fosters state employee-driven innovation and improvement of government operations or services, including cost savings. Staff who propose innovative solutions receive a cash award when the interventions realized savings equal 15% of the annual savings realized in a fiscal year (maximum award of $100,000). This has led to improvement in procedures on soil and water inspections and use of digital services by the Department of Labor.

Issue Areas: Economic Mobility, Education, Equity, Health, Workforce