5. Data Leadership & Governance


The State of Colorado’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) includes a Chief Data Officer. The Chief Data Officer is responsible for developing and directing the state’s data strategy, data governance, and data management. The position establishes enterprise data policies, standards, and procedures to maximize the state’s investment in data management systems. The OIT’s statewide data management program leverages data and information as enterprise assets and establishes standards and processes to enable more agile solutions and government services. Additionally, OIT’s Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB), created by a 2009 law, advises the Chief Data Officer on activities and policies necessary to develop the interdepartmental data protocol, made up of members from state and local government, as well as private industry partners. GDAB’s mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government, citizen service delivery, and policymaking by providing guidance and recommendations on how the state should govern and manage data and data management systems. For example, in 2021, GDAB was tasked with creating standard templates for interagency data-sharing and data-access agreements through HB 21-12.