6. Data Policies


California’s statewide Open Data Policy encourages departments to share data in standard and accessible formats through the California Open Data Portal. As outlined in the California Open Data Handbook, the state’s open data efforts are designed to improve collaboration, expand transparency, encourage innovation, and increase effectiveness. In addition, the state hosts CalData, a professional network for government officials and partners to promote the best uses of open data.

In spring 2021, all entities under the authority of the Governor of California signed a single Interagency Data Exchange Agreement (IDEA), an umbrella memorandum of understanding (MOU) that is intended to facilitate data exchange between state entities in California. It is both a process tool and a set of resources designed to help state entities exchange data more efficiently, while ensuring that the exchange is legal and secure. Under IDEA, signatory entities draft a Business Use Case Proposal (BUCP) that details the specifics of their data exchange. IDEA is supported by detailed handbooks, community of practice, and resource library.