7. Data Infrastructure


The Illinois Department of Employment Security, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois Community College Board, and Illinois State University have partnered to share workforce, financial aid, and university data for the Illinois “College2Career” resource. The integrated data platform highlights outcome metrics such as average earnings, earnings growth, and job stability for graduates of Illinois institutions of higher education. The program seeks to use these data to help Illinois students make informed education and workforce decisions.

The Dynamic Network Analysis, instituted by the Illinois Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force, integrates and analyzes Illinois Department of Health and Family Services’ (HFS) Medicaid data – as well as data from Medicare, driver’s licenses, business services, death records, and incarcerations – to find fraud in the state’s health programs. According to the Beeck Center, the system has helped HFS to save, avoid paying, or recoup $94 million in a single fiscal year.

Issue Areas: Education, Health, Workforce