7. Data Infrastructure


In April 2019, Ohio’s Governor signed an executive order consolidating state data systems into the InnovateOhio Platform, which uses data as “a shared strategic asset” whose “value is multiplied when data sets are linked across programs and organizations” through data integration and management tools. The executive order created a presumption of data sharing between state agencies, except where a specific legal prohibition is identified in writing. Since its launch, InnovateOhio and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services have collaborated with state agencies to incorporate 1,600 information systems into the state’s cloud environment. As of November 2021, the InnovateOhio Platform recovered nearly $2 million in duplicate payments by applying a data analytics tool to state agency spending ledgers.

The DataOhio Portal (DOP), created by a 2019 executive order, displays the state platform’s public datasets and facilitates the request, approval, and delivery of secured datasets. DOP offers data management, data integration, and applied analytics, providing partners with flexible self-service capabilities to support innovative solutions to the complex problems that residents face. Additionally, DOP includes data stories, brief case studies about the impact of IOP, and open data in decision-making and policymaking across the state.

Issue Areas: Child Welfare, COVID-19, Criminal Justice, Economic Mobility, Education, Health, Workforce