7. Data Infrastructure


Codified by state statute in 2017, Oregon’s Open Data Program allows state agencies to inventory, prioritize, and publish open datasets to improve transparency and internal data sharing among state agencies and government partners. Oregon’s Open Data Program Resources links contain information on the state’s Open Data Standard, webinars held by the Chief Data Officer, and external tools and resources.

A 2017 Oregon law requires the Chief Data Officer to create an enterprise memorandum of understanding to facilitate data sharing across state agencies. To support this approach, the Chief Data Officer has convened integrated data users and leaders from across the state. The Statewide Longitudinal Data System, launched in 2018, brings together education and workforce data.  The Sustainable Solutions for Accelerated Learning (SSAL) Work Group and Trauma-Informed Pilot Project identify areas of inequities for increased funding. To further advance this data integration across the state, a 2021 state law created a “system of care council” that will be responsible for integrating appropriate data to help determine holistic care and support needs within health, education, public safety, and other program services.

Issue Areas: Economic Mobility, Education, Health